About Ricky Trickartt

Hello! My name is Ricky Wilson-Cloot, but people know me better these days as Ricky Trickartt.

I am a Graphic Artist from the edge of London, and have been lost in the music industry since I was aged only seventeen.

I call myself a Graphic Artist because my work is somewhere between that of a Graphic Designer and an Artist. This means that I'm not afraid to create artwork from any means or medium. My passion is in creating things for print, but I know my way around more modern platforms too.

Things I like:
Washing Machines
Post-it Notes
My local fire station
Things I dislike:
Ballpoint pens

Some clients, past and present:
Hospital Records Limited • BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra • Critical Music • David Rodigan • John B • Netsky • High Contrast


You can email me at ricky@trickartt.com
and you can get me on AIM under the name 'trickartt'.

If I'm on a social network, it's usually under the name Trickartt. I like to tweet, I post a lot of random creations to Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr, and some random video creations also go up on my YouTube channel.

I never did like Facebook much, but I do have a page you can like. If you're lucky, one day Facebook might show you something I post!

I have a weblog which covers everything from the work I do to the price of milk in America, called Trickartt Notes.

Everything you see on this website is either the property and copyright of Trickartt or the client, unless otherwise noted.

© Trickartt / Ricky Wilson-Cloot 2004-2018. All Rights Reserved.

Please be a good designer and don't steal my work. Ideas are their greatest when they come from you!


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